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Friday, June 20, 2008

Random bits and bobs

Happily and safely in Oregon, although I got about 4 hours’ sleep last night and actually managed to nap this afternoon (it was a requirement if I was going to make it through dinner and hot tubbing with Lev & Gayle tonight!).

~ ~ ~

I find it rather amazing that my gmail account, which I haven’t given anyone the address for, gets 95% more spam than my regular account (which has an alias link on my website, even). This is not, I must point out, an invitation to spammers.

~ ~ ~

There is a fairly new housing development here called…wait for it…Q Condominiums.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who giggles hysterically about that.

~ ~ ~

I’m happy to report that I did not, in the end, come down with a cold; the sore throat was some temporary fluke that was over by midday. In fact, I feel better right now than I have in a while. On Tuesday my massage therapist had to stretch to fill two hours—she simply couldn’t find problems to work on—and on Wednesday the chiropractor was delighted at how little she had to tweak. All this doesn’t mean I’m not still in constant pain, but I’m clearly stronger and healthier.

~ ~ ~

So Ken picked me up at the airport this morning and we rode out to Hillsboro, and had lunch before he headed off to work for a bit. He came back earlier than I expected, which allowed us some time to frolic in the hotel pool and relax in the spa before showering and heading back out.

Gayle made turkey and veggies and salad with a dressing from a local Japanese restaurant, and we provided chocolate cake that made us all go nomnomnom. We ended up not sitting in the hot tub because it was pretty warm out, but we had an utterly delightful evening just hanging out. And watching “Once More, With Feeling” (aka the Buffy musical episode). In English; then in French, for one song, just to be silly; then in Spanish, but it kept flipping back to English…

~ ~ ~

I have to say, it’s interesting to get a form rejection and a request for a full manuscript on the same day. For the same novel. :-)

~ ~ ~

Blessed Solstice, everyone!


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TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

And are you going to tell us which one it is or leave us guessing? (I think you have a couple of things in circulation, no?)

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

I'm thinking it's best if I don't track novels subs publically, but I'm happy to answer questions privately.

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Okay, so nobody thinks the Q Condominiums are funny? I have no fellow Star Trek geeks reading this?!