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Monday, October 27, 2008

Vegas, baybee!

Hee! So, we’ve been planning to go to Vegas in early December to see two Shaw/Blades shows, right? We’d hoped to stay with friends there, but circumstances aren’t allowing it. I checked to see where our Styx peeps would be staying, but they were kind of scattered in different casinos, and at pricey ones at that. So we’ve been debating whether we should stay off-strip, and if so, where, etc.

Then I remembered something, checked it out, and squee! Bite, an erotic vampire show that I’ve been wanting to see for two years, is still going! It’s playing at the Stratosphere, and while the Stratosphere no longer has the cool “suspended over the city a gazillion feet up” roller coaster, it has several other scary-fun rides up top… You can see where this is going. I got a great package deal on the hotel (Tower Premier room!) and rides, and it turns out Bite is buy one, get one free tickets for hotel guests! We’ll stay a third night (which made our second night’s hotel room free), miss Sunday traffic, get scared silly, and potentially be dragged on stage and bitten by hot vampire chicks to the sounds of 70s and 80s rock. What’s not to love?!

That’s two Shaw/Blades shows, one erotic vampire show, hanging out with friends (our Styx fan friends as well as the ones who live in Vegas), and adrenalin-rushing rides. And maybe, if we have time, we’ll see the big kitties at the MGM or The Mirage



Angell said...

K- it's totally official - I'm so JEALOUS.

Can't afford Vegas, and couldn't do the rides anyway - gotta watch the adrenaline spikes for awhile...

Sounds like a total blast tho.

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Well, I may be able only to do the teeter-totter one, since it doesn't have any sharp motions or major G-forces. I'm pretty sure the spinny one would be hell on my neck, and I'm going to ask my chiropractor about the one that shoots into the air...

Christine said...

Woo! I love Vegas. Did it regular when we were producing Shakespeare in the Park in Henderson. So wish I could go, too!


Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Despite our best-laid plans, we never get to Vegas just to play in Vegas. (We always go to see Styx shows, and spend more time wandering around the casino running into the band in Starbucks or getting stuck in elevators with them.) I don't think I'll ever get over never getting to do the Star Trek Experience. :-(

But I've been wanting to see Bite for two years now, so that's something. And we'll get to see friends, and do some other goofy stuff. Finally!