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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Help me, I'm melting...

Beastly hot, it’s been for the past few days. Bleah and urgh and yech and all that sort of thing.

I did work on the short story on Wednesday. Thursday I got next to nothing done. I went through the Black Oak Lodge file box and cleaned out a bunch of extraneous useless paperwork (still to do: shredding of registration forms from too many past years), yet failed to find the budget forms for the past two events, which would be terribly helpful in putting together the current budget. And there was poking at the story, too.

Said short story is set in an indeterminate time in the Wild West, when women still wore corsets and men ruled things (at least, as far as they knew). I’m deliberately avoiding specific details, because if I sell the story I won’t get paid enough to warrant hours of research. What’s fun about the story is the voice: I really like this character and I want to do her justice. Still, I’m kind of embarrassed that the story isn’t finished yet, because it’s been taking far too long. (And yet it’ll still be turned in well before the deadline…)

Yesterday Morgana came over and helped me decortate the house, which was as usual an adventure because I always buy stuff on sale after the last holiday, so I’m always surprised by what I pull out of the storage bins. Ken had to put up with us asking him to do X, then tracking him down and asking him to do Y, not realizing he was still working on X. To make matters worse, he’s come down with an energy-sucking cold (which I’ve so far escaped, but I suspect it’s a matter of time. I was actually envious last night that he got to chug Nyquil.).

We also did a massive shopping for the party last night, and I’ll have a few things to pick up at Trader Joe’s today, along with ice and anything else we’ve forgotten. I made my killer coleslaw last night (it’s better the next day) and am gearing up for sausage (turkey sausage, natch) cheese balls and pasta salad. It’s weird catering to friends who are vegetarian and/or have other food requirements. When did that happen? Anyway, the party is potluck, but we want to make sure there’s enough “safe” food for those who need it.

Before shopping, I took Ken out to dinner at Roxsbury Deli so he could partake of their cold-healing matzo ball chicken soup, and in fact that’s all he ate. (Well, later at home he constructed a peanut butter and banana sandwich, but I choose to pretend such a thing never occurred. Ick!)

Anyway, the party’s tonight and I have a million little things to do (since Ken’s sick, I’m taking on more prep duties than usual), so I must dash! ::whooshes off::

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