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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday 13: Thirteen Places I Want to Visit

  1. The Great Wall of China. And the Terracotta Warriors.
  2. The Pyramids.
  3. Ireland, again. I’ve been there only twice, both in the dark of winter, and didn’t have ample time to see and do all the things I wanted to.
  4. India. The Taj Mahal, and the ruined temples in the jungle that tigers roam through…
  5. A safari in Africa (and visiting friends in South Africa again!).
  6. Mount Rushmore.
  7. Skye. Despite all the time we’ve spent in Scotland, we never made it there.
  8. For that matter, the Isle of Lewis.
  9. Japan.
  10. Budapest. (And more time in Prague, because one day was not enough!
  11. Machu Picchu and the Nasca Lines.
  12. Spain. (We had a trip planned there, but then there was this big gas strike and we didn’t want to be stranded in a foreign country on the motorcycle…)
  13. Alaska.


Ms Menozzi said...

We have a lot of dream destinations in common, I see.

I really want to go to Ireland - my students rave about it all the time, and the hubby did a cycling tour there years ago. I'm officially jealous, so I have to exorcise that demon, someday.

Happy TT!

Stephanie Adkins said...

Great list! I'd love to go to Spain. :) Happy Thursday!

Tempest Knight said...

Oh wow! These are all great and magickal places to visit indeed. *wg*

Adelle said...

I hope you make it to all of them. You can swing by and pick me up on your way to Alaska lol
Happy T13!

Paige Tyler said...

Great list! I so agree about Alaska!


My TT is at http://paigetylertheauthor.blogspot.com

Heather said...

I'm with you on 2, 6 (again!), 7, 8, 10, 11, and 13. How soon do we leave?! *g*