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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Done done done done-duh-done done-duh-done

Well, almost everything I did today was in the writing column—which is my job, so it was all priority stuff anyway. I did get through some e-mail, though, and the laundry's in the washer. Ken and I ended up going out to dinner, which altered some of my timeline.

You'll note I also added some stuff to the list that I'd forgotten about this morning…
  • finish the proposal for Angelika (first draft is off to Teresa)
  • review returned Chapter 3
  • assemble first three chapters into one file for mailing (probably tomorrow—there’s one more thing we have to tweak first)
  • finish “Now You See Her” (short story) and send to Teresa for a quick crit if she has time
  • write my bits for part one of Teresa’s and my online workshop at Passionate Ink in January
  • review Teresa’s bits for part one of the workshop
  • follow up with the workshop coordinator about our workshop
  • update my website with new sales, etc. (also tomorrow—I’ve lost the brain power for it)
  • promo Like a Myth (yup, also tomorrow)
  • follow up with an editor about payment and some other small bits and bobs
  • re-read Dean’s articles about setting goals and take notes (started, but there’s a lot to process)
Tomorrow, another writing session at CB&TL. I'm hoping to focus on Ghosted, which has been languishing. The other To Do stuff I can do at home.

Now it's late and I feel the need to curl up with a good book—to read, not write or edit.


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