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Wednesday, February 06, 2008


What do you think of the new design?


Anonymous said...

Pleasant and easy on the eyes. And the color on the sides reminds me of chocolate (at least on my computer it does). It's good!

TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

If this makes no sense, remember it's early here!

It's pretty and very easy to read, which is major.

The brown looks very late Victorian/Craftsman, with the subtle patterning. Especially with the green, it also looks very natural and somehow spiritual. I like the look because it's very you. My own question is whether it's a good marketing look for what you write, which doesn't tend to be "cozy" or Victorian? (OTOH, I know I plan to go with a color scheme that suits me rather than attempting something "red hot" that I'd get tired of seeing all time, so maybe it makes perfect sense.)

angell said...

I just think it's really purty. :P

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Well, they don't have a template for ivy yet, and the previous template--which was closest to the color palate I want--had the sucky "light lettering on a dark background" that's nearly impossible to read. (With my poor eyesight, I've gotten to the point where I either need to bump up those blogs/sites to a huge font size, or avoid them altogether.) I figured the brown would be a neutral color to add the greens to.

And I prefer to think of the bawdy Victorians rather than the cozy ones!

Hope said...

I like it! I like it! :)