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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Writerly newsy bits

Sale! I can finally officially announce this one; I’d gotten provisional acceptance from the editor but the publisher had final say. My story “Some Old Lover’s Ghost” will appear in Haunted Hearths, a ghost anthology! (This one was so much fun to write, and I also had a funny moment when I thought “Damn, I need to add a sex scene in soon…oh, wait! No I don’t! This isn’t an erotica story!” The main character, who runs a ghost hunter service called Paranormal Manifestation Services (PMS, get it?), had such a great voice that I think I need to use her in other stories…

This week I also received payment for “Under a Double Rainbow,” which will appear in Pangaea’s fiction anthology. Teresa and I are especially chuffed about this one, because it was a pagan fiction anthology, not an erotica one, and we still sold them a pagan erotica (erotic pagan?) story.

And, alas, a rejection from The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction for “Love Makes the Universe Go ‘Round.” On to the next market!

I have all the proposals and queries for Out of the Frying Pan ready to be mailed. In fact, they were all ready by this morning. Unfortunately, I thought the Post Office was open from 9 to 5 today, when in fact it’s open 9 to 3, which I learned at 3:46 p.m. Thankfully I had the foresight to double check online before I headed out. But still. ::pout::


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