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Sunday, March 15, 2009


The event is over! It was fabby! The Super-Secret Special Entertainment was awesome (despite the minor problem of half the lamps getting blown out)! The Roman-style macacroni and cheese was to die for (and I have a big ol' bag of it in my fridge)! I didn't have to hide any bodies under the new pool!

Tomorrow, back to life and work. The enforced break from writing has had the benefit of making me really miss it, really look forward to getting back to it. More on that...tomorrow!

Also tomorrow, Ken leaves for Arkansas to help move his 95-year-old grandmother into a care facility. It's something she wants to do, which is good. But I'll miss him. So I've also booked myself a mini spa day at home tomorrow—I'm thinking a facial steam, a cuticle scrub, and some pretty nail polish. (Feel free to suggest a color. I've got most of 'em, and haven't decided yet.)

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