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Friday, May 01, 2009

It's the lusty month of May!

Blessed Beltaine!

Went out for high tea with Morgana and Brian today to celebrate May Day. We tried out Tranquility Tea Room in Thousand Oaks. I found it online recently (although I can’t for the life of me remember how). It was a bit pricy, but overall quite good. I tried Lover’s Leap tea from Sri Lanka, and although it’s a black tea, it wasn’t very dark and it didn’t have any discernible flavor. It was worth the experiment, though! They had fun hats, but I’d brought my own. We all took them off before tea even arrived, however, because it was a wee bit too warm.

After we returned home, I grabbed novel subs to mail and jumped in the car (I’m borrowing Morgana and Brian’s second car since mine is in Arkansas). Alas, although my phone showed I had three minutes to spare, the PO was closing. I went off to the chiropractor to pick up some supplements, and when I got out of the car, I heard a nasty accident on the main street. (The building blocked my view.) It occurred to me that if I’d left earlier and made it to the PO, I might’ve been done at the chiropractor’s and turning onto that very street at that very moment. So I’m quite okay with everything getting mailed on Tuesday…

Now, though, I’m tired, and I still have much to do: writing, packing, cat box scooping… The Oak Leaf just isn’t going to get done before I leave. Nobody will suggest topics for the history of the Shire column (even though people requested the articles be run), and I didn’t come up with an idea for this issue until late yesterday. Sigh.

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