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Monday, May 11, 2009


Bigger sigh. The Saab dealer in Scottsdale couldn’t fix the car w/in a week—I’m not clear on whether it’s because they were booked up or because the car is in that bad shape… I suspect the former, really, because Saabs don’t break down like that. They go and go and go until they get old and one day the decide they’re done and just stop.

So Ken rented a U-Haul and car trailer (which necessitated going to two different U-Haul places), returned the bike trailer, bought 2x4s, put the bike in the U-Haul, put all the stuff from the car into the U-Haul, attached the car to the U-Haul, and then he and his dad started the trek back to California. Last I heard, they should make it to dad’s by midnight, and Ken will crash there. In the morning, he’ll drop the car at my Fabulous Swedish Car Guy’s shop, and then we’ll sort out returning the U-Haul.

And then we’ll figure out how to get to Phoenix on Thursday, and Fresno on Sunday…

Meanwhile, I had my annual exam today, and am going back in a few weeks for an ultrasound, and then another test, and then probably an ablation. Since I went off the Pill, my periods have been insane. This solution is way better than the monthly 3-day migraines I was getting on the Pill....

I also updated my website—check it out!

Now I have a headache, so I’m going to take some drugs, sip some wine, watch a little TV, maybe answer e-mail, and wait for Ken to call and say they’ve arrived safely, so I can go to bed!

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TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

Your life doesn't sound like a big load of fun at the moment. Hope you make it to Phoenix. And good luck with all the medical stuff. It sounds way too familiar!