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Thursday, February 25, 2010

To do sounds a lot like to doom

Many, many things to do today. It didn’t help that I didn’t set the alarm correctly. About all I’ve accomplished so far is breakfast (leftover Chinese), ablutions, a quick read of e-mail, and lunch (leftover Chinese). We also walked to the Farmer’s Market and came home with lots of fresh fruit and veg, and of course prior to that we planned meals for the next week or so.

But now it’s almost 2 p.m. and I still have to…
  • read-through “Braceleted,” which I finished last night (9K words) and clean up all my little bracketed notes to myself.
  • walk to the Post Office and mail “Braceleted.”
  • possibly continue on to the library because I have this niggling feeling something’s due.
  • ideally write another story for a fast-approaching deadline. I have no idea for this story, and the theme is pretty open. Argh.
  • read all the stories for the Denise Little Workshop, which actually starts tonight. Even though I’m not there, I need to read them all so I can follow along. Also, I don’t know whether the overnight assignment for the DL Workshop will come tonight or tomorrow. Argh squared. (Although I’m excited and looking forward to the challenge.)
  • try to finish The Oak Leaf as much as possible, even though I’m still waiting on some things. Which the authors have not even told me if I might get or not.
  • deal with Kingdom Chronicler stuff, since that slipped lower on my To Do list over the past week, and can’t slip any farther.
  • power through as much e-mail as I can.
Ken’s said he’ll handle dinner (spinach-and-feta stuffed chicken, couscous, steamed asparagus). We’ve committed to going to Scribal Guild tonight to help with scrolls, and I really do want to do that. It’s sort of the reward for all this other stuff.

So instead of going to the gym for cardio, it’ll be a walk. Not nearly as intense, but better than nothing.

And now it’s time for me to dive in and get to work! Let’s see how much I get done.

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