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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vampiric vermin, I swear

Aaaaugh. I feel like for every one thing I get done, three more crop up. Like a nasty game of Whack-a-Mole. With moles that bite my ankles.

Since my last entry, this is what I’ve accomplished:
  • finished “Braceleted,” walked to the PO, mailed it.
  • continued on to the library and dropped off items that were due.
  • decided not to write the next story on my list, for various reasons.
  • got the assignment for the overnight Denise Little Workshop story, wrote it, and turned it in. (It’s called “At the Mirk and Midnight Hour.” Can anyone guess the reference?)
  • read most of the DLW stories for the first assignment.
  • downloaded all of the new stories to read.
  • finished the draft of the March issue of The Oak Leaf for Ken to proof.
  • went to the gym (Friday).
Still to do:
  • gobs and gobs of e-mail, which includes things like “could you call me when you have some free time?” (Free time? Aaaugh!), two ongoing contract negotiations, and…I don’t even want to look and be reminded.
  • read all the new DLW stories.
  • write the next story on my list.
  • ideally get The Oak Leaf ready and copied today or early tomorrow so I can take issues to the Costumed Fighter Practice tomorrow.
  • grocery shopping for the next week or so plus food for the potluck picnic after the Costumed Fighter Practice.
  • go to the gym (today and tomorrow).
  • apply for more freelance editing/writing jobs.
Once more into the breach…

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