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Monday, March 29, 2010

No, really, still alive

No, I haven’t fallen off a cliff. I just haven’t had time to sit down in front of the computer…

The weekend of the 19th through 21st, we were at our Shire’s annual event, Black Oak Lodge. We went up early on Friday to help with set-up, stayed for tear-down, and got home Sunday afternoon. If I had time to wax rhapsodic about how lovely the weekend was, was a great event it was, and how important this event and the site are to me, I would. For now, I don’t.

Monday was spent frantically trying to catch up on things, punctuated in the late afternoon by Ken’s need to go to the Urgicare place. If I had time to relate that long story, I would. He’s fine, and if you want the details, ask him.

Tuesday we headed north to Monterey (stopping at the Black Oak Lodge site on the way to retrieve some Shire effects that had been left behind). My sister Donna moved there in August and we still hadn’t visited, plus my mom had flown there the week before. We walked on the beach, had paella and very early birthday cake for me for dinner, and then I introduced them to the madness that is Fluxx. Mwahaha.

Wednesday we went to the Aquarium, and all I have to say about that is baby otter!!! and leafy sea dragon socks!!! because the rest pales in comparison. We also visited the animal shelter my sister and niece volunteer at (and I didn’t come home with all the cats, so be impressed), had a picnic on the coast, and poked around some tide pools and saw a purple crab.

Thursday we packed my mom into the car and headed back home along the coast. Stunningly beautiful day. We ate at our favorite Mexican place in San Simeon.

Friday my mom and I met another writer at CB&TL for a session, and that night we went to the Shire’s quarterly birthday dinner at a Mongolian BBQ. Ken stayed home because our friends Ernie and Pauline from Portland were due in on their motorcycle, and were arriving later than expected. So that was a late evening.

Saturday we introduced my mom to sushi at Cho Cho San (Rock and Roll hand roll nomnomnom) and continued south to have dinner at Ken’s mom’s, so we got home late that night, too.

Today we checked out a gated senior community with our friend Thomasina, stopped for Thai food for lunch, and then Thomi, Morgana, Mom, and I went thrift-store shopping. I came home with four skirts and one top, all of which may or may not really fit me, and a raincoat because I had none. We also stopped at Rosie Lee Imports, so I’m well stocked up on PG Tipps. We watched Dreamgirls after dinner, and now it’s annoyingly late and I have a chiro appt in the morning and then we’re going to have lunch with Ken’s dad and wife at Versailles.

Tuesday is another writing session (and none too soon, because I am cranky for the lack of it, plus I have deadlines looming like large murderous looming things) and then we’ll hit the Camarillo outlet mall. Tuesday evening and Wednesday are currently up in the air, and them Mom leaves at about midnight Wednesday.

Thursday and Friday will be heads-down working, finishing up any stories for deadlines, finishing the April issue of The Oak Leaf (Shire newsletter), catching up on Kingdom Chronicler stuff and e-mail and whatnot, tidying the sewing room, and prepping for King’s Hunt on Saturday.

Meanwhile, I’m astonishingly far behind, and unlikely to catch up on, Facebook and Twitter, so if anything important is happening, please let me know!

More whenever I resurface again…

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