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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Things to Do Today

(It amuses me to do these types of posts occasionally. Do you enjoy reading them, or do they bore you to tears?)

My mom is safely home after her red-eye flight last night, so now it's time for me to get back to work, as well as get the house back in order and fall into the regular productive routines again. I’ve got tons of things to do, but if I make my To Do list too long, I’ll despair and end up playing Sporcle games instead of working. So today’s list is stuff I feel is do-able in the time allotted.

Check back later to follow my progress!

Midnight Update: Well, I'm quite chuffed with how much I accomplished today.

  • finish and submit story to Best Lesbian Romance 2011. DONE (I discovered I did, in fact, have a reprint that fit the guidelines, hurrah!)
  • get Virgin contract letters signed and in the mail to my fabby coauthors, which will allow Cat Scratch Fever and A Little Night Music to be sold as e-books. DONE
  • update deadlines list. DONE
  • update website DONE
  • finish April issue of The Oak Leaf, have Ken proofread it, upload it, etc. DONE
  • finish reading March issues of other newsletters. DONE
  • catch up on all Kingdom Chronicler correspondence.
  • go to farmer’s market. DONE (We now have food for dinner tonight, the event on Saturday, and dinner Sunday, as well as veg for later in the week.)
  • clean off desk. Partly Done
  • wash clothes purchased at thrift stores, put away all clothes.
  • curl up with Ken and catch up on some TV and/or movies. DONE (We watched Bones and part of Behind the Music Remastered about Heart. I really want to catch up on Lost, though!)


TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

Go you! I love that you include "curl up with Ken" on your to-do list.
I realized to my horror that 1) I don't think I wrote any lesbian stories last year and 2) I couldn't think of anything last minute that didn't sound stupid. So no BLR for me.

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

I had started a story for something else, and was planning on finishing it, but (a) I was running out of time (I could've done it, but it would've been at the expense of the rest of the day) and (b) it ws delving into something emotional that I wasn't sure I was ready to deal with yet (which is why I'd never finished it in the first place!)

So it was nice to find something already there--it let me focus on all the other projects on my plate!