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Monday, April 05, 2010

Birthday week!

Friday, I was productive and accomplished the following:
  • added more books into my Amazon store. This is going to take a while—there are a lot of them… I did all the fantasy and Andrea Dale stories; I still have Sophie Mouette and Sarah Dale to add. I’m changing all the links on my website bibliography, which is why it takes a bit longer.
  • filed the serial numbers off an unsold WFH story for a possible submission to the Music for Another World anthology, and sent it to a couple of first readers to see if it still hangs together.
  • ran errands: dry cleaner, pharmacy, grocery.
  • dealt with more Kingdom Chronicler stuff.
  • laundered, but didn’t yet put away, my thrift store purchases.
Saturday, we were at King’s Hunt, and it was windy and chilly but lovely to hang out with friends old and new.

Sunday, we tidied the sewing room, I did some hand work (made a finger-crochet cord for one of Ken’s shirts, and tacked down some hooks-and-eyes) and dealt with some e-mail, and we curled up and caught up on lots of TV. Mmm, nice mellow day.

Today, my goals are thus:

  • write Cleis editing proposal and mail.
  • write library essay.
  • apply for more freelance jobs.
  • start Waking the Witch print submissions.
  • catch up on all Kingdom Chronicler correspondence.
  • continue cleaning off desk.
  • do more laundry. Argh.
  • put away all clothes.
  • other e-mail. Would be nice to clean out my In Box, really.
  • maybe some sewing? I bought tablecloths to turn into kitchen curtains as well as dish towels—or there may even be enough for a table runner—and I’d love to start working on that! But I suspect there won’t be time.
Plus, it’s my birthday dinner tonight!* Hurrah—birthday sushi! (I actually dreamed about sushi last night; guess I’m excited! Even if I’d’ve preferred to go to Cho Cho San rather than Genmai. Both have non-sushi options for the non-sushi/non-fish eaters, but Genmai was closer for most folks, and I’m all about making my birthday celebration amenable to as many of my friends as possible!)

*For those not in the know, my actual birthday is tomorrow—but tomorrow night is Textile Guild, and I didn't want to conflict with that. Because, again, I want to make my celebration as enjoyable and easy for the maximim number of friends!

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Lisa Silverthorne said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope it was a good one! Judging by the looks of that dessert, it had to be a good one. :)