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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Like a Mask Removed is here!

Zowie! Bazinga, even!

Like a Mask Removed, a pair of erotic superhero anthologies from Circlet Press, is now available!

Teresa and I, as Sophie Mouette, have a story in Volume 2: Supervillains, called "Pow! Bash! Yes, Yes!" In the story, we explore what wearing the superheroine—and archvillainess—suits mean, and how exactly it is nobody can tell the difference between the "regular girl" and her alter ego.

Even more exciting: Circlet has chosen to run an excerpt from our story on their site as promo for the e-books! (Although it's not the steamiest part of the story, it's still probably NSFW, unless you have a really understanding boss.)

Like a Mask Removed is available from a slew of vendors in a range of e-formats, for your reading pleasure!


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