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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blink, blink

[I wrote this part last night, after watching Styx videos with Sara, who was visiting from Phoenix.]

Home from three Styx concerts, which included lifetime numbers 99 through 101. That’s right, I hit my 100th show…and it was in Ventura, in my own backyard. At the last minute I pulled a completely unexpected front-row ticket to the Orange County Fair show the night before the Ventura County Fair show. I must’ve cashed in a hell of a lot of karma points for that one.

I feel very loved.

I am also rather drunk. Spelling is optional.*

[And this is today.]

It’s 8 p.m.; I got back about fifteen minutes ago from taking Sara to the airport. I’m tired, suffering from Post-Concert Depression (enhanced by the fact that I don’t know when my next concert will be), missing Ken (he’s running a rally and then going to an IBR meet-up), and blinking in confusion and despair at all the things that need doing… Where to start? Concert write-ups, laundry, e-mail, blogs, cat boxes, dishes, writing, general house tidying…

Maybe I’ll just have a glass of wine and go to bed, and pretend it’ll all be miraculously done tomorrow and I’m really about to go on the road for more shows!


*Spelling was, in fact, optional, and it took me forever to type those paragraphs because I kept screwing things up and having to fix them.  ;-)

Tommy Shaw, Ventura County Fair, 8/7/10
Photo by Ken


TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

That's a very cool picture of Tommy.

Congrats on the 100th concert. I may not get your Styx obsession fully, but I'm always happy when people I love get to enjoy things they love.

Mia said...

100 Styx shows! Yea, and now on to 200.