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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Research help needed!

A friend’s mom has been researching Anne Hughes’ diary for about 20 years, and wonders if there are any sources here in the US to help in identifying photos of two American servicemen.

Where does one go for info on old military photos from WWII? The VA? Does the military keep an historical archive, and if so, whom would be the contact?

This isn’t a time period I’m familiar researching (although I’m going to need to soon for a novel idea I want to pursue), so I’m throwing myself on your collective mercies! Power of the the Internet…activate!

Edited to add: My friend's mom is in the UK, so she'll need e-mail addresses, web links, or phone numbers for places to contact. Thanks!


malvoisine said...

The VFW or one of the other Veteran's associations is where I would start. Also, if they are in uniform, suggest to the lady that she have the picture enlarged as much as possible - details on the uniforms or any surrounding props in the picture might give clues as to their unit, rank, etc., all clues that will help them get identified. Most WWII units have Alumni associations and if you can narrow it down to a unit or squadron there's a good chance of still having living members that might recognize them....

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

How would she contact these places from the UK? Phone numbers, websites--she'll need some place to start.

Did you look at the pictures? They're pretty blurry when it comes to insignias although they have a little information in the write-ups.