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Monday, November 01, 2010

I Mooed today

I keep running into people who are interested in A Little Night Music—like, when somebody ran up to me during a concert last year and yelled (because Night Ranger was playing and it was loud) “You’re the one who wrote that novel about Styx*! I lost your information!”; or, like, while standing in line to get Rick Springfield’s autograph, I started chatting with one woman about Styx, and two other women perked up, and the next thing I knew… The problem with my generic business cards is that I’d have to scribble the title and pseudonym on the back.

I’ve been toying with making some Moo cards anyway (they smaller than business cards, and just too cute for words), and my webgoddess had designed ones for my website, so I designed one for the novel, and just ordered 50 of each. Too fun!

The photo was taken by Ken, of Tommy Shaw. I couldn't find a good one of Lawrence on guitar in my files, and I love this shot of Tommy in the smoke.

And the back of both of them looks like this:

So anyway, that was fun!  :-)

*Not really. It’s dedicated to the band, and Nate was only inspired by Lawrence, and I wrote it with Sarah…


Anonymous said...

Hi Dayle,

There is another series that I found in the Romance Section of the bookstore called Backstage Pass: Sinners on Tour by Olivia Cunning www.oliviacunning.com. I believe she is planning a series of 5 books each one featuring one band member.

How have you been, BTW? I'm dying to come back to LA for a Styx concert and visit.


Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Hi Sharon! It's great to hear from you - yes, you should come to LA for a concert or two! (The Anaheim show in January is GA, hint hint.)

Thanks for the info on the other books - they sound intriguing... I've toyed with the idea of writing another rock-n-roll book, but it's hard to come up with believable, resolvable conflicts that haven't already been done to death. :-)

Christine Ashworth said...

VERY COOL! Love the "moo" cards...??? Still don't get the reference but that's okay! At some point I'll get a better website...sigh...HUGS, YOU!!!

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Thanks, hon! I don't know what you don't get, though... They really are called Moo cards! (Well, these are Moo Minicards, technically.)