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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Lots of my stories now available online!

I’m delighted to announce a new, exciting phase of my writing career: I’ve partnered with a small publisher to sell my previously print-published stories (and a few new stories, and maybe even a novel or two) as e-books!

The smashing folks at Soul’s Road Press have been hard at work getting some of my Yule/Solstice/winter-themed erotica available in time for the season. In fact, they even got a Halloween-themed story up in time for that holiday, but I was too busy to promo it!

The stories are available in a variety of formats for a variety of e-readers (or just for reading on your computer): Kindle, Nook, .pdf, you name it.

I’m especially chuffed about having my short novel (novella-length, for those of you who get that term) In Her Hands up and available for sale. Erotic romance In Her Hands was a top-10 finalist in the Brava Novella Contest a few years back, and in fact two different publishers were interested in buying it (in the end we couldn’t agree on a contract). But the thing is, I love this story, and everyone who’s read it (first readers, contest judges, editors) have also loved it. I hope my readers love it, too!

Sarabeth Delany’s fantasies come to life when she meets male model Michael Steele—the inspiration for her erotic sculptures. They bond over a discussion of art and passion…which leads to steamy nights with blindfolds and erotic photo sessions.

Michael appreciates the advantages modeling has given him, but he’d really rather be behind the camera. He longs for a woman who’ll love him for who he is, not his fame. When he finds out about Sarabeth’s sculptures, will it mean the end of their affair…and her career?

Secondary characters Brad (Michael’s best friend) and Anya (Sarabeth’s best friend) are crying out for their own love stories to be told. They’re not going to end up together, though: Brad’s going to be smitten by a torch singer named Genny, and Anya, a voice actress, is destined to fall for a voice actor just from talking to him…before she ever meets him face-to-face.

"In Her Hands" at Smashwords (variety of formats)

If In Her Hands sells well as an e-book, I’m definitely going to write Brad and Anya’s tales, and then package all three together as a print book. Fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, you can also buy the following erotica stories, all also written as Andrea Dale:

“Peppermint Stick”
“The Witch of Venice”
“The Queen of Christmas”

And one (so far) sweet romance, “The Best Catch,” written as Andrea Loewen.

Moving forward, I’ll try to be better about announcing when new stories are available. But if I’m busy writing, you can also check out Soul’s Road Press and see what new stories they’re offering!

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Anonymous said...

Easiest whim purchasing EVAR! Not only grabbed a copy of Kindle-for-PC (free), but then bought all your listings, plus "Like a Myth" collection.