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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Filling the soul, or, a request for a bookplate

So, recently I received a lovely e-mail from someone I guess I should call a fan: She read and enjoyed “Lost and Found” in Lesbian Lust, and wanted to know if I had any signed bookplates.

Here’s the thing. We writers write in a vacuum. We hunch over our computers and sometimes the words flow and other times they’re chiseled out by one-armed dwarves wielding rusty pick-axes. We do the best we can, and when we’re done with our art, it becomes our product, and we fire it out into the world and hope it sells, because that’s what pays the bills.

We also hope that someone reads it, and that some of those people who read it kinda like it.

If someone actually writes a positive review, or asks for an autograph, etc? That just about sends us over the moon. Really. Honest. Wow. That’s what fills the soul.

Anyway, I didn’t have any bookplates. Hadn’t even considered they might be necessary. I went online and found a slew of ones I couldn’t afford (in terms of, I don’t need 500 of them at this time, but when I do, I assume I’ll be able to afford them!), and then I found erinshelby.etsy.com and picked up some lovely affordable customizable ones.

If anyone else wants a signed bookplate (i.e., you’re not local and can’t hand me a book), just let me know and I’ll fire one off to you. That is, if you want an Andrea Dale autograph. I’m still sorting out all the other pseudonyms! (But if you do want a different pseudonym, still let me know, so I know there’s a need for those bookplates!)


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