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Monday, July 25, 2011

Contest winners!

And the winner is…Herman! The story is off to Glimmer Train, and crzydemona, you’ve won the grand prize!

Actually, since there were three runners-up, I’m also going to give prizes to Anonymous (Ernie, is that you?) and Cayswann for Ernie/Ernest. (crzydemona also suggested Clarence, and I’m feeling generous, so she’s going to get two prizes.)

Here’s the deal, folks: Email me (or leave a comment here, but I think you three know my email address, unless Anonymous isn’t who I think he is) and let me know which you’d prefer:
  1. An ebook of mine of your choice (I’ll give you a coupon for a free download from Smashwords), or
  2. A print book. I have a pile of new or very gently used (as in, I've read them, but they were new when I did) books to give away over the next few months. I don’t have a list pulled together yet, but if you choose this option, I’ll let you know the genres (off the top of my head, I’ve got paranormal romance, erotic anthology, YA, and maybe a literary book or two), and if you pick a genre, I’ll give you the list. Or something. We’ll sort it out.

You have one week (by midnight Monday, August 1) to contact me.

Congratulations!  *\o/*

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