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Friday, July 29, 2011

How does this work again, exactly?

Cassidy, our holistic health coach (hi! We’re Californians!), challenged me today to keep a Done List. Not a To Do list (we’re working on how to suss that out), but a list of what I did today. Because I have a bad habit of ending the day with “crap, I didn’t do shit today,” when in fact I did a lot. Especially given the stresses I’m dealing with right now.

So. I didn’t write them down when I did them (some were before our meeting), but here’s what I remember:
  • showered both of us (Ken’s right hand has to be taped up in a bag, etc.)
  • took Ken to lunch at Baja Fresh
  • bought a pirate hook for Ken for Pirate Tourney tomorrow at the party supply story, a new scale at Bed Bath & Beyond, and an accordion file at Staples for this year’s taxes
  • chiro appts for both of us. I’m seriously messed up. The area above my right collarbone is all swollen. WTF?
  • met with Cassidy
  • went grocery shopping
  • put away laundry
  • assembled pirate outfits for both of us for tomorrow (Ken assisted)
  • sewed lace thingies for my pirate boots (I felt like Ken: let’s wait ‘til the night before an annual event and redo my garb!)
  • made dinner (leftover pork chop dish for Ken, whole grain pasta and sauce for me)
  • made coleslaw and a pasta dish for the potluck tomorrow (Ken assisted), and printed out ingredients lists
  • did dishes
  • watched Haven and half of Deadliest Warriors (featuring our SCA friend Virginia!) with Ken
  • answered a few emails

The problems here? 1. I didn’t get any work done (save for reading a few emails). 2. I still feel like I didn’t get nearly enough done today. Tons of “to do” things languishing…and it’s just after midnight and I have to get up at 7 am for the event. At which I’m running Gate, because the Exchequer is running Lists, because the Listmistress won’t be there.

My desk is a mess.

I’m going to bed.


Ari said...

There are people whose desks aren't messes? Who tf are they?

I have the same problem. I talked to my aunt the other day, really down, and said "The only thing I achieved today was writing a poem." Which, as it involved about 15 minutes of writing and a lot of staring into space, I didn't count as productive. She replied, "Think of the people who never in their lives write a single poem."

I think the biggest problem is that I am an aging cripple whose brain still thinks she can get away with the kind of stuff she could do when she was 20. And I can't. I need ideas of how to readjust my sights (currently I think I'm slacking because I'm not going to match last year's achievement of 60 scrolls).

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

I think there are two kinds of messy desks: controlled chaos, wherein you know where eveyrthing is; and "my desk is covered with shit WTF am I supposed to do with it?!" I was in #2 mode that night. I'm partially back in #1 mode....

Your aunt is a very wise woman. :-) Also, I'm willing to bet you did a bucketload of stuff that day that you're not remembering/counting. Sometimes we have to celebrate the achievements of bathing and dressing and feeding ourselves.

Darling, if I knew how to readjust my sights and yours, I wouldn't need a holistic health coach....

Have you heard the theory of Spoons? It's something I've been pondering of late:


The idea of doing 60 scrolls makes me want to go lie down! That's beyond amazing!

Teresa Noelle Roberts said...

I like this "done list" notion and may adopt it. It's amazing how much time the basic processes of life (cooking, eating, running errands, doing laundry) devour, and how often we don't take them into account when we think about "getting stuff done." Yet food, clean clothes, etc., must happen.