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Friday, January 13, 2012

Do you like to watch?

"Undoing the Laces"

Do you like to watch…? A couple camping at a Ren Faire discover that spying on their friends is half the fun. A steamy, voyeuristic short story from a legendary erotica heavy-hitter.

"Hands down our agreed-upon favorite was 'Undoing the Laces' by Andrea Dale. It’s about a couple who is camping at a Ren Faire and realizes that they can hear the couple in the neighboring tent having sex. Even better, because of the lighting they can their silhouettes through the canvas, which hides the details but gives them enough to start their own hot sex session. Very erotic, and very hot, whether you have a voyeuristic streak or not. (alanandmichele.com)

“Undoing the Laces” originally appeared in Hide and Seek: Erotic Stories (Cleis Press, 2007)

Cover art by Joanna Zopoth-Lipiejko/ iStockphoto.

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