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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ow, dammit

For anyone who may have missed it on Twitter/FB/Google+/etc., or who may be wondering why I’ve been so quiet….

On our way to Sedona last month, I injured my left hand—basically, I lost my balance, put my hand out on the car to catch myself, and Live-Long-and-Prospered a little too enthusiastically. In other words, my ring finger took all the weight. I thought I’d sprained the finger, but when it didn’t get better in a couple of weeks, I went to Ken’s amazing hand doctor. He took x-rays, examined it, and gave me the bad news:

Damaged ligament. Three months to heal. Avoid typing.

As in, hi, you can’t do your job.

I’m investigating Dragon Naturally Speaking, but in the meantime, emails will be short and infrequent and involve lots of contractions/shortcuts. I would love phone calls/Skype, though, as I’ve been very down in the dumps about all of this.

On top of that, Ken’s been away, and I learned that I have an abcessed tooth and need a root canal, which is scheduled for Feb 1.  :-(

Meanwhile, work-wise, I’m focusing on the publishing end of things, and hopefully will have lots of new stories as well as novels (finally!) available in the next few months. I know this blog will feel a bit spammy, and I apologize in advance for that. I’m also lining up some copyediting jobs (tell your friends!). All that involves minimal typing.

There are good things going on, too, but my hand’s hurting and I’ve hit my quota for today’s typing….  ::sigh::


Ari said...

As my groovy aunt often says to me, SUX.

Today the SOPA protest appears to have blacked out the sun, and the DLA lost by 16 votes. I'm going back to bed.

Anonymous said...

It always seems like when it couldn't get any worse it might, then when all is well we forget it might even get better! I'm voting on the "better" for you and Ken.

Teach me how to use Skype...


Christine Ashworth said...

I am SO willing to learn Skype! Sending you tons of hugs, hon.

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Ya'll can just call, y'know... I mostly use Skype for group conversations and international calls.

jjlovell said...

Really sorry about your ligament. I'm accident prone so I know what it's like to be sidelined with injury. We miss you at CES, get better soon!!

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Thanks, JJ!