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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Eostre's Day

Happy Eostre’s Day! Today we celebrate the arrival of our beloved white furry princess Eostre, who showed up as a stray, in the rain, outside the cottage we were renting in Wales in 1999. She was a smart, smart girl for knowing we would take care of her, and she changed our lives forever.

Sorry to have been so quiet of late. Been very busy! Work, mostly, because I’m taking lots of time off this month. I just got back from five days in Canada (well, two days were traveling to and from Canada) with the most groovy Sara. We road-tripped to two Gowan concerts, proving we are excellent road-tripping companions (cue lots of laughing until we cannot breathe), had the opportuity to talk to the man himself, got ourselves invited to a patrons-only reception where we got to hang out with band members Danny J. and Pete Nunn (wonderful guys!), and did not go to the Arctic Circle, despite Sara’s best efforts. But it did mean we got a call-out from the stage from Gowan, highlighting Sara’s dodgy grasp of Canadian geography.

We are now Dodgy Woman and Innuendo Girl: Together, they stalk rock gods!

(Not really. We’re way too polite and nice to stalk. Lurk nearby in the hopes of getting noticed is more like it.)

Anyway. I flew home on Friday, which was my birthday, and the birthday gods saw fit to have an exit-row window seat with my name on it for the longer flight. I got lots of work done both going and returning, actually. Clearly my career requires me to fly more often…. Friday night I curled up, watched some great TV with Ken (Castle, Psych, and Big Bang Theory, and relaxed in our new hot tub (there’s a blog post about that coming soon!).

Saturday we, along with Morgana and Brian, headed out to the opening day of the Renaissance Faire, where we walked our sore patooties off and had a fantastic time. I bought a glorious feather fascinator/headpiece that will work for my bad faerie costume as well as steampunk (I think it’s something the Evil Queen in Once Upon a Time would wear. I covet her wardrobe, I really do.) and M&B bought me faerie bat wings !!! as my birthday present. Ken, meanwhile, spent an exorbitant amount of money on a leather vest with tails, in which he looks impossibly hot. It’ll work for steampunk, faerie/Labyrinth of Jareth, pirate…now he just has to make the other clothes to go with it.

Today we’re headed off to his dad’s for Easter dinner. We’re going to take the new bike (a BMW K1600GTL)—it’ll be my inaugural ride!—but before we do, I’m going for a run and then making a serious attempt to whack through the work and home email In Boxes that have grown like a weedy lawn during my travels. I also have two short stories due this week.

Because did I mention that on Friday evening, I’m flying to visit Sara in Phoenix and we’re going to a Styx show? And the following weekend, I’m flying out there again for a Florence and the Machine show? And that the weekend after that, Ken and I are going to run our first rally together (just an 8-hour one…I’m not that crazy!) and I’m going to a bridal shower. Then May starts and we’re off to Phoenix and Vegas for two Styx shows (note to self: book Vegas hotel soon). May will be mostly quiet after that, until we go to Phoenix Comicon at the end.

So between travels it’s going to be heads-down workworkwork, but I’m looking forward to all of it. I have a lot of projects that I’m juggling, and it’s exciting: stories and a novella to write, a collection and novels to epub and POD.

Right. Off for a job, then some email weed-whacking before we head out. I hope everybody has a lovely day, however you celebrate!

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