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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Exciting news! New collection!

So…that exciting news I alluded to a few days ago….

Behold my latest collection, Written on the Coast: Thirteen Stories of Magic & Mayhem Written on the Oregon Coast!

This collection has been 9 years in the making: The first two stories were written at the first-ever Denise Little Anthology Workshop (an Oregon Writers Network workshop) in 2003. The last two were written last year. I’m saving this year’s stories for the next collection.  :-)

So, two stories per anthology workshop, six workshops since 2003—plus I added a story I wrote at the Short Story Workshop last year to bring it to 13 total, because I like the number 13. They range from high fantasy to contemporary fantasy to science fiction to one I’m calling “indefinably absurd.”

I was floored when award-winning author Dean Wesley Smith, whom I can call both mentor and friend, offered to write the introduction. And then he wrote this:

   But nothing about Dayle blurs for me. She and her wonderful husband are amazing people and I feel lucky to even know them.
   And for me, getting to write this foreword to this wonderful collection is a real honor.
   So why does Dayle have so many great stories written here on the Oregon Coast? Even more than the thirteen included here?
   First off, I don’t think she is capable of writing a bad story. There sure isn’t one in this collection. And a few in here are my personal favorites of her work. (I’m not going to say which ones because I know you all will find your own favorites. Just trust me when I say all thirteen stories are great.)

Once I stopped sniffling, I finished up the collection and put it up for sale. You can get it at the usual venues:

And before the end of the year, it should be available in print as well.

I hope you enjoy it.


Miz Angell said...

YAY! *happy dance* That's so amazing girl! So amazingly happy for you. :D And I don't think you've ever written a bad story either.

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Thank you, sweetie! I'm really, really proud of this one—it was many years in the making. :-)