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Friday, August 31, 2012

Once in a glorious blue moon

In celebration of the Blue Moon, I give you my Moon playlist.

Once again, I wonder why the hell we don't have Ozzy's "Bark at the Moon." What else am I missing? Suggestions?

Beneath the Moon, Dennis De Young
Desert Moon, Dennis De Young
Drawing Down the Moon, Gaia Consort
Electric Moon, Shakespear’s Sister
Falling From the Moon, Marillion
Full Moonlight Dance, Libana
The Light of the Moon, Emily Mitchell
Moon Cradle, Loreena McKennitt
Moon Dance, Enaid and Einalem
Moon Over Bourbon Street, Sting
Moon, Sister Moon, Moving Breath
Moonchild, Shakespear's Sister
Moonchild's Psychedelic Holiday, Gowan
Moonlight Desires, Gowan
Moonlight in Samosa, Robert Plant
Morgana Moon, Woodland
New Moon on Monday, Duran Duran
Poet's Moon, Fish
Rocket to the Moon, Runrig
Shadow of the Moon, Blackmore's Night
Shadows in the Moonlight, Tommy Shaw
Shepherd Moons, Enya
Sister Moon, Sting
Sisters of the Moon, Fleetwood Mac
Tea-House Moon, Enya
Under a Violet Moon, Blackmore's Night


Brian Kilgore said...

Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Ooh! Although I don't really like the song, that's a great suggestion!

("There's a bathroom on the right..." LOL)