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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Cat Scratch Fever by Sophie Mouette

It's finally available! Cat Scratch Fever, my first-ever published novel, written with my very wonderful friend Teresa Noelle Roberts as Sophie Mouette, is back in print! Thank you, Little Kisses Press!

Here are the deets:

What development coordinator Felicia DuBois at the Southern California Cat Sanctuary needs: Sex with something other than her vibrator. Gender and number of participants optional.

What Felicia doesn’t need: Someone sabotaging the make-or-break benefit that could mean the future of the sanctuary. She especially doesn’t need ultra-sexy Gabe Sullivan from the Zoological Association sniffing around, wielding the authority to close the cash-strapped exotic cat breeding facility.

But damn his smoking hotness!

Felicia’s in a race against time to find both sexual fulfillment and the saboteur before the Sanctuary’s future becomes as endangered as the felines it houses.

Available in print and a variety of electronic formats:
KindleNook | Smashwords | Kobo

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