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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Publications out the wazoo!

Soul's Road Press and Little Kisses Press have been so busy putting out new Andrea Dale and Sophie Mouette stories, I haven't been able to keep up! So here's one big blog post of all the yummy new erotica now available....

"Raven's Flight" by Andrea Dale

When I met my sexy new neighbor, all I wanted to do was trace every spiral and intricate knot and line of the tattoo on his back…with my tongue. And that was just for starters. “Raven’s Flight” is smoking hot erotic short story about tattoos, Celtic symbolism, and lust turning into love. A must-read! Includes BONUS story “End of Season.” Warning: Contains explicit sex.

"Forget the girl next door when you can have the sexy Celtic next door. Ciaran is the type of neighbor we all dream of; sexy, intelligent, and likes to walk around shirtless. I also enjoyed the link the tattoos played in Ciaran and the heroine's journey through life. I appreciate symbolism because I have always felt it adds a touch of depth to a story. The author effectively illustrated that with the use of the tattoos." –Whipped Cream Reviews

“Raven’s Flight” originally appeared in Obsessed: Erotica for Women (Cleis Press, 2011).

Available in a variety of electronic formats:


"End of Season" by Andrea Dale

The end of the summer season at the Stratton Hotel, and forty-something bartender Karla is feeling melancholy. A sexy encounter with a young bellhop proves to be just the way to cap off another successful year…with a twist. A steamy hot short story about a cougar who won’t quit, by a legendary erotica heavy-hitter.

“End of Season” originally appeared in Young Studs (Ravenous Romance, 2009).

Available in a variety of electronic formats:


"Sacred Places" by Sophie Mouette

Kathleen’s deepest, darkest sexual fantasies sprang from her Catholic upbringing, and they were too kinky to confess…until her husband Ted teases them out of her in the ruins of a Welsh monastery. How far will Ted go to bring Kathleen’s perverse needs from fantasy to orgasm-wrenching reality? Scorchingly hot short story “Sacred Places” is Sophie Mouette at her best!

"The concept is fantastically holy and fantastically wrong, which is why I found this one exciting." – Books a la Mode

“Sacred Places” originally appeared in Sweet Confessions: Erotic Fantasies for Couples (Cleis Press, 2011).

Available in a variety of electronic formats:


"Hidden Treasure" by Sophie Mouette

A museum in a Victorian castle. A sexy female curator and a gorgeous male security guard. A snowstorm trapping them both overnight. It would be a recipe for smoking-hot sex, if it weren’t for the bumbling thieves looking for hidden treasure. Never fear, for our heroine and hero won’t let the blackout, the thieves, or anything else stand in the way of their desire. “Hidden Treasure” is another feather in the cap of talented erotic romance author Sophie Mouette! Warning: Contains explicit sex.

“Hidden Treasure” originally appeared in Bedding Down (Avon Red, 2008).

Available in a variety of electronic formats:

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