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Monday, March 26, 2007


Words Written: OOTFP ~1300
Writing Stats: Mostly a sale… “A Few Things…” may not be fitting into G is for Games, but the editor thinks it could be great in K is for Kinky. She promises it will get into one of the alphabet books, at any rate!
Exercise: 1 hr w/personal trainer

Busy, busy. Ken’s home for a couple days, mainly to pick up his new motorcycle. He arrived this morning (actually passing me at an intersection while I was on my way home from the chiropractor) and went out to a movie (Music & Lyrics, perhaps the funniest thing I’ve seen in years. Not an award-winning movie, but if you like early-80s pop…oh my gods.) and lunch with Morgana and I.

I then had about an hour to make some phone calls and answer some e-mail before I dashed off to the gym. See, last week I got an early birthday present for myself: I hired a personal trainer for two months. I had a crap birthday last year. I spent a good chunk of it in the emergency room. This is not going to happen to me this year, nor ever again, if I have anything to do with it. When the head trainer asked me what my goal was, I said “To not be in constant pain anymore.” To his credit, he blinked only once or twice before recommending three trainers who have rehab experience.

I’m not going to talk about it much more, though. Personally, I don’t find people’s exercise logs interesting reading, including my own. (This is absolutely not meant as a commentary about what anybody chooses to put in their personal journal/blog. I love hearing about people’s successes, I love hearing about new workout things they’ve tried, but a daily listing of statistics doesn’t float my personal boat.) I’ll just keep mentioning in my stats above what I’ve done recently, because I do look back over the journal from time to time.

Plus, I’m not interested in obsessing about weight on a daily basis. That way lies madness. Weight fluctuates during the day, during the week, during the month for reasons that may have nothing to do with how much one ate or how often one worked out. I’m more interested in toning (especially my core—again, so my back stops hurting), and I’m more interested in the bigger picture. Today Katrina, my trainer, gave me a strength test, checked my body fat, took my measurements, and took “before” pictures. I want to see how all that has changed two months from now. Not next week.

Anyway. So tomorrow, Ken picks up his new bike, makes some modifications, and then we go to the custom seat guy to get our butts measured for custom seats. I also have another trainer appt and a massage scheduled. Wednesday Ken leaves, but I have a chiro appt and an eye appt (and with the dilation, I’ll be unable to work for a bit afterwards). Thursday I have a work conference call and another trainer appt and Lick’n’Stick/Healing Circle, and Friday…gods, I don’t even remember now. Chiro. Something else? Then Saturday, my first SCA event in months, which means I have to find all my stuff for that.

Meanwhile—and most importantly—Teresa and I are on the last chapter of OOTFP! She’s done a pass through the first few chapters to clean up some items we noted, and I’ll do a pass, and then we’ll tweak the synopsis (now that the book’s done) and get it sent out. I’ll get my damn Beautiful Trophy this quarter, by gods! And hey, maybe we’ll sell this book to our dream editor. :-)


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TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

Finally getting caught up on your blog...woot on hiring the personal trainer! Helping yourself not to hurt is a great birthday present.