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Friday, March 30, 2007


The draft of Out of the Frying Pan is done! The proposal is enveloped and will be mailed today, and Teresa's also going to pitch the book at the New England RWA conference this weekend!

But, no rest for the weary... We still need to do a clean-up pass through the rest of the manuscript (shouldn't be a lot of work, but it's fiddly back-and-forth stuff), and I also have a short story that must be written and submitted today. I've also got a couple of anthology deadlines in the next month.

Then it's back to With Soft Whispers Laden, which I mostly set aside in the crunch to get OOTFP done, because it was hurting my brain too much to switch between erotic romantic comedy and menacing gothic-esque paranormal romance.

So I win my Beautiful Trophy for this quarter, and plan to get WSWL done by the end of June for another Beautiful Trophy!

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