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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The dark lords of rock

Lawrence namechecks Styxfest—and because it all is about me…

“Also, let me acknowledge the Styxfest at Casino Rama and all the good that it shall bring about. Well done... (Even the dark lords of rock are impressed).”

We’ve impressed the dark lords of rock. My job here is done.


Rejection from Luna Books for Waking the Witch—but a full-page letter discussing what she liked (loved the character! would love to see another story with that character!) and didn’t like (didn’t think the idea was fresh and original enough). Most importantly, “I’d be interested in seeing other ideas you have in proposal form.”

Which makes me wonder if I should pause in the novel I’m struggling with (“beating my head bloody against the wall” comes close to describing the process) and do the redraft of An Ever-Turning Wheel


Worked out today. Just elliptical and the back machine and some ab work. But I’ve messed up my back something fierce (feels like the sacrum on both sides), and that does not bode well for getting on a plane to Oregon tomorrow. Sigh.


Also worked on my skirt for Pirate Tourney. Wicked Red will have a whole new outfit when she comes ashore in July. And she’s going to be hot, baybee.


Angell said...

HAWT pic babe. :D Sorry to hear about your back and the novel. But at least you've got feedback right? That's always a good thing.

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Thanks--it's one that Ken took at Rama! :-)