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Monday, January 21, 2008

But where's the story?

For some reason, the wireless connection is being flaky, which means it’s being very hard to research my short story. (Found some very, very squee-cool tidbits, but still I have no story. Argh.)

I ventured out today, driving gingerly to the chiropractor’s and thence to the grocery store for milk. I think I sat at the desk too long yesterday, so I’m back to elevating my ankle and icing it today. Sigh. It’s very weird. I took a bath yesterday (thought it was time to start with the moist heat, y’know?) and while it felt scrummy in the bath, afterwards my foot felt…liquid-filled. When I walked, it felt like the top of my foot was wobbling a tiny bit. It still feels that way today, if I sit for too long with my feet on the floor. Argh, I say. Argh.


I did try Alia’s suggestion of using the laptop to watch DVDs, and had a Monarch of the Glen ep to keep me company during lunch. It’s interesting how much more I hear wearing headphones. The picture is still smallish, but I can get by. Of course, one DVD is headed back to Netflix today (er, tomorrow—no mail today, is there? I’m groggy, since I was woken this morning by very loud drumming and “We Shall Overcome,” presumably from the park two blocks away. Thank the gods there wasn’t a parade. It was 8:30 a.m. and I kept thinking about how a parade on 5th Street was going to completely fcuk up anybody trying to get to work…) and this one has only three eps on it, so I’ll be immediately bereft again.* I’ve left a message for Morgana and Brian to see if Brian could possibly come and rewire the TV system…


Brian is The Hero of the Revolution! I have TV again. I have, theoretically (I haven’t phutzed with it) DVD. The TV is a little weirdly fuzzy, but I can live with that. I have my Ghost Hunters International, and I’m happy.

Oh, this is weird. I recorded a Hallmark Channel movie, The Good Witch, because it sounded vaguely amusing and because Catherine Bell is kinda hot. Oh, let’s be honest. I’m just watching it for the architecture of that gorgeous house… This is what I have become.


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*Yes. I do know I have a fair amount of DVDs in the media room closet. Your point? :-S

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