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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


“Soulsearching” has made it through both the first and second rounds at ASIM. On the other hand, I got a rejection from Apex Digest for “The Rising.” I’m running out of markets for this one—it’s a 10K magic-realism-type story, and I’m exhausting the places that will consider stories that long…

Had a good massage tonight; she also worked on my ankle, as well as my left calf, which chose to wake me early this morning by cramping into an agonizing charley horse. It’s still tight, and we’re about to go sit in the hot tub, after which I should probably ice my ankle….

I went to the main Oxnard Post Office, but they don’t have IRCs either. They stared at me without any sense of helpfulness or caring. I can accept a smaller branch PO not carrying the IRCs, but not the main PO. And nobody seems to be able to tell me where I can get them—not the main PO, not USPS.com. In fact, USPS.com says their policy is that only offices that “need” them will carry them. Um, it’s the customers that need them. And I am not, alas, psychic enough to know which offices might “need” and thus carry them.

We did manage to pick up our sewing machine and serger today, which means the sewing room is almost ready to be used as a sewing room. Just a few more things to clear out or sort out.

Right. I’m out of here until Sunday (probably Monday by the time I post something). Don’t let the party get too out of hand, okay? And replace any booze you drink. And…waitaminute. Why wasn’t I invited to the party?!

(Back for a sec, to say that I just heard a sound outside that sounded like a sea lion. No, I haven’t been drinking. WTF?)


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