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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Random Things to Celebrate

  • I got my comp copies of The Pagan Anthology of Short Fiction, which contains the Sophie Mouette story “Under a Double Rainbow.” It’s a truly pretty book. I love the cover design, the feel of the cover (close, but not quite matte), the title and author fonts. I keep picking it up to pet it… It's just luscious.
  • I get to see Ken Thursday!
  • I get to see Styx Friday!
  • I worked out today with Jen, and it felt goood.
  • I get a massage tonight. Not only will it feel great and help put my body back the way it ought to be, but Melanie and I always have fun.
  • Extra-tasty and smooth hummus.
  • The last scene of Ghosted is almost finished! Of course, the book is far from done, since there’s roughly the last quarter of it to write to catch up to the end. But I sort of know the second-to-last scene—I’ve typed up some brainstorming notes about it, anyway—and I feel in my gut that that’s the one that’s going to crack the code of this book for me. And even if it does’t, it’s going to be a fun ride.
  • I’m meeting with Christine tomorrow to write together (and laugh and inspire each other and, I suspect, eat lunch).
  • Trader Joe’s dark-chocolate-covered Joe-Joe’s. Like fudge-covered Oreos, only infinitely betterand they’re all natural. I try to limit myself to one a day…

Okay, off to write until Melanie gets here!

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Angell said...

Lots of things to celebrate (can I mention that I need a major Styx fix and scalpers tix for the october shows are starting at $180 per??????)

Have fun Friday (which is today), and throw in a few extra screams, shrieks and blown kisses for me (I don't care to who, I love em all!)