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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Upside down and backwards

Christine and I got together yesterday and had a successful writing fest at Borders. She finally nailed the opening of her latest book (and it rocks) and I finished the last scene of Ghosted (I’d written pretty much all of it, but for some reason left a chunk unfinished along with a note about what was supposed to got there). So next I’m going to write the second-to-last scene, and hopefully the key to unlock the rest of the book will be revealed to me. If not, I’m just going to keep writing backwards. Hey, it’s an adventure.

Then Teresa and I had a phone confab about Angelika (which needs a new title; comments welcomed!), which did blow open the problem we were having with it. We didn’t really know our main character, what her internal goal was, and what her flaw was. Whee! It won’t massively change what we’ve already written—we’ll just have to tweak a few things—but it will definitely help with both the internal and external conflicts. Go us!

Now I’m on the plane to Houston, where I’ll swap to a plane to Little Rock and be with my beloved again! They actually fed us lunch on this flight. I’m gobsmacked. People have been very friendly today, even early this morning when we were all yawning on the bus from parking to LAX. Maybe it’s because of the date?

It’s also Tommy Shaw’s birthday! (Apropos of anything else, except I am on my way to see the band!)


malvoisine said...

Good thing you went through Houston when you did - the airports there are close-ed now, until Monday or Tuesday. Save travels to you both and safe home.

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

No shit--that's why I ended up stuck in AR for an extra day!

malvoisine said...

Yeah, we're having to watch everything very carefully, we're supposed to fly into Houston Friday morning. Luckily all my family has their power back on as of today.... glad you made it home safely.

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Last I heard, it sounded like IAH was pretty much up and running, but it's good to keep an eye on things (and get to your airport early just in case!). Glad your family is okay, hon! Safe travels to you!