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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Waking and sleeping and flying and ferrying

On the plane to Chicago. Ken’s asleep. Our other seatmate, whom I believe might be from Sweden (judging from the language her Reader’s Digest appeared to be in, although it could have been Norwegian. It didn’t look Finnish to me, but two brief trips to Finland do not an expert on Finnish make.), is also asleep, and it’s a little hard to type because I’m trying not to bash her with my elbow, being the considerate seatmate that I strive to be. As for me, I’ve read (Thunderbird Falls by CE Murphy), played Baker’s Game and Demon Solitaire and done a crossword puzzle on my iPhone, shared a snack box with Ken, and now I’m working on Chapter 3 of Angelika (reviewing what Teresa wrote so I can move ahead to Chapter 5, because I wrote Chapter 4 so I don’t need to review it).

The last two days have been extremely busy, and I was additionally hampered by being very tired on Monday. Chapter 5 should have been to Teresa Monday night, but as I was prepping supper (bbq chicken, brown rice, steamed broccoli) and washing dishes, the perfect voice and opening for a short story reared up and wrapped itself around my brain, squeezing like a python until (once supper was in the oven) I sat down and wrote it.

Unfortunately, by the time we’d eaten supper and finished watching the TV show we’d started with supper, it was all I could do brush my teeth before collapsing in bed.

In other news, my hair is purple again, and my natural silver streak is growing in nicely, which makes me very happy.

~ ~ ~

Aaaaand now we’re in ORD. I have a mocha and an outlet to charge Afalwen; life looks up.

An older woman just asked, “Does your shirt say ‘Spooky’?” “Why, yes it does,” I said, moving my purse strap aside to afford her a better view. “But you’re not spooky at all!” she said. Hee! Then I showed her my Halloween socks (purple and green horizontal stripes on the top, black on the bottom, with a black-and-yellow buckle at the ankle). :-) It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

~ ~ ~

As we descended into IAD, a huge pumpkin moon glowed over the right wing. Gorgeous. I love flying. :-)

~ ~ ~

Well, that was interesting! We boarded the plane to BTV…and then deplaned because there was a mechanical problem, and it was going to take up to two hours to get the mechanics there, and only then would they know whether they could fix it or rebook us on other flights.

So I called my parents, who’d gone to Burlington early and were already at the airport (well, in the parking garage), and told them to go home (about an hour away, depending on when you hit the ferry crossing Lake Champlain)—we’d either spend the night in Burlington or in DC.

Five minutes later, they announced that the plane was fine, get back on. So I managed to call back and say “No! Come back!” and in the end we arrived 12 minutes behind schedule. (The pilots made up some good time!) Turns out the problem was simpler than they realized and the on-site mechanic made short work of it. Which is cool. I’d much rather be delayed and find out there was no mechanical problem than the other way around, you know?

So all is well. Welcome to autumn in upstate NY!

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