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Monday, October 13, 2008

The War is won!

Home from War! No time to post in detail about it now, except to say it was quite lovely. Ken took up rapier again, I bought a gorgeous handmade ceramic cup with a Welsh dragon on it (after waffling for hours) and a pair of fibula (fibulae?) for my various peplos (peplini, we decided the plural is), and I seem to have been suckered onto War staff again (damn you, Rowen, and your compliments about how well I did Publicity last time! Curses!), but I still came home with the deep knowledge that my career comes first. The fun stuff (and I do count insane volunteerism as fun) is the sauce on the pasta. (I like pasta better than cake, so the icing metaphor is weak with me.)

Now we have two days to get a million things done before we leave for a week visiting my parents in upstate NY. (Cross your fingers for me that the autumn leaves aren’t completely gone—we’re spending some time at our cabin in the Adirondacks and I crave Real Autumn!) Things like a minimum of grocery shopping so we don’t order pizza for lunch and supper for the next two days, and laundry so we have clean clothes to pack, and packing so we have clothes to wear (and can we do it all as carry on? Hmmm…), and all that sort of thing. Oh, and a chiro appt and massage for me and hair appts for both of us.

I’d feel stressed, but instead I’m feeling energized, and now I’m off to get a million things done. Hopefully I’ll post again tonight!

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