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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Ken update: Busting out soon

Sorry for the lack of update yesterday… We’ve been busy trying to coordinate things like transport and insurance and police reports and whatnot. Plus a friend took me to the Apple store to replace Ken’s twisted-up phone (whereupon I also bought a cover for my iPad, a replacement charging cord for my iPad, and earphones for Ken’s phone), then took me out for lunch and a long ride around and through Reno. I’m looking forward to visiting again sometime when Ken and I can both enjoy the scenery. (Plus I’ve promised the friend that the next time Styx plays here, we’re taking him and his wife.  ;-)  )

Big improvements yesterday: They removed the chest tube/drains and all IVs from Ken! That makes getting up and moving around so much easier for him. We took a walk down the hall and he got to see a view from a different window, too. He’s just taking oral pain medicines, and really isn’t in any major pain at all.

Today a therapist worked with his left arm. The muscles are stiff and sore (the scapula has a whole slew of muscles attached to it), but overall the broken scapula itself doesn’t hurt when he moves. Having relatively full use of his left arm also makes things a lot easier.

Thank you all for your recommendations for hand surgeons; I’ll be compiling a list and will contact some of you for additional information if necessary.

We should be out of here in a day or two, so Ken can go stir crazy at home instead of here. Those of you who’ve offered help will be getting an email or call soon….


thumbwave said...

Hope the return trip goes well! Look forward to hearing of your safe return home. ++ Craig

Teresa Noelle Roberts said...

Yahoo! I'm thrilled that he's not in too much pain.

Doug Barrett said...

Have a good trip back to SoCal. You are still in our thoughts.

TMC&SAC said...
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TMC said...

This is kickass news.

Get better Ken... I need you fully competitive when I smoke you in the next Cal24!!

PS: I'm sending you an Acme Brand Coyote trap.


D. Shealey said...

You will have some time to check out the area when Ken comes back to decimate the coyote population! He has to clear the area for his next trip through. 8>)

David S.