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Monday, July 04, 2011

Ken update: That damn coyote

Happy Independence Day, everyone! Baby, you’re a firework!*

Ken’s doing great.  :-)  Yesterday afternoon he announced he was sick of his liquid diet, so he had solid food for supper and then again for breakfast today. He’s off oxygen, sat in a chair for breakfast, and took a walk around the halls with a therapist. He’s fine using his left arm to eat, etc.—it doesn’t hurt bending from the elbow, just using the upper arm. (There’s no damage to the ball joint, but the broken scapula and no doubt torn muscles are causing discomfort.)

Several friends went to look at the accident site, including our friend Ernie who’s a trained accident investigator, and then they checked over the bike as well (which a friend got from the towing company and is storing). The verdict is that an animal was involved and, in fact, hit the bike, as opposed to the other way around. Looks like it hit the front wheel, which sent the bike into a skid. Ken went off the left side, causing the broken scapula and ribs, obliterated spleen, etc. (The broken right hand could have been just from his hand slamming into the ground.) Then the bike must’ve hit the soft sand at the side of the road, because it clearly went ass over teakettle before it came to rest in the desert.

Most likely culprits are jackrabbit, coyote, or mountain lion; for some reason my bets are on a coyote. (Many, many jokes are being made about roadrunners, ACME, roller skates….) We do have a few hairs and blood—anyone out there have the CSI equipment to determine species?  ;-)

Thanks to all of our friends for taking care of Ken, the bike, his stuff, etc. Now it’s just listening to the doctors and nurses and doing what needs to be done to get better.

*Yes, I’m a Katy Perry fan, and proud of it.


Dave Dragon said...

Outstanding news!
Getting up and making that first stroll around the unit is so important, and having the use of his left hand, even somewhat limited, is so much better than being completely dependent on care givers for every little thing.

Doug Barrett said...

Please tell Ken I saw his picture in the Iron Butt Magazine today and i cannot wait to see him smiling in person. Heal quick.

Bryan Neagle said...

Hey my name is Bryan Neagle and I was in the rally. I had a very bad wrist dislocation two year ago from a motorcycle accident and took seven month to heal up. I still have the tools I use and some home program paper work from kaiser. I don't know how bad his hand is but from what I read their may be some of the same issue. You will need to heat, massage, exercise, and ice the hand many time a day. I don't post much but if there is anyway to help Ken with this then please call me at 7146803873

Anonymous said...

Yay! It's great to hear he's on the mend and feeling ornery. I have no advice, just hugs and positive thoughts for you both!


Mario Wink said...

Dale, thank you for keeping us all posted on Ken's progress. I look forward to sharing a Big Hug! Mario.

Tina Fraembs said...

Dayle - thank you so much for keeping us posted! I wish Ken all the best in his recovery!!! Hang in there girl, make sure you get your rest as well! Please give Ken a hug for me and wish him a speedy recovery!

thumbwave said...

I'll bet it wouldn't be too difficult for the right person to ID the animal from the hair.

Anonymous said...

Dayle, there actually is an animal forensics lab here in Oregon. Don't know if you could actually get anything done - I think it's a division of Fish & Game - but if you're seriously interested you could check into it. In your copious free time, of course!

Glad progress continues. Getting up and around is so necessary - good to see he's moving again! Tell him we are cheering from LC with our own (pitiful) pompoms.

Chris Y

Phaedra Weldon said...

And I'm cheering from Atlanta, Moonglow, or Moonshine or whatever that was.

Wow...memory's going fast. That and the hangover from the fourth...oy.

Good to hear he's up and eating. I wish him all the best and give him a hug for me!

Jon Engebrestson said...

Dayle, thanks so much for posting ken's updates. I rode in the Cal 24 and met Ken, Earnie and others. I'm Jon Engebretson and I've been hoping and praying for Ken's recovery and will continue to do so. Ken's a unique individual with a great head on his shoulders and we wish him and you, as you care for him, all the best. Jon

joan said...

There must be a Fish and Game Div. in Nevada or a Dept. of Environmental Conservation. Maybe there's an office in Reno. It would be helpful to know what was responsible.
Sending love and wishes for healing fast, Ken.

joan said...

There must be a Fish and Game Div. in Nevada or a Dept. of Environmental Conservation. Maybe there's an office in Reno. It would be helpful to know what was responsible.
Sending love and wishes for healing fast, Ken.

Jerry White said...

This is great news! We have no doubt that Ken will be up and about in no time...how fast can he type with only his left hand? In a perfect world I'd ride up to Reno and give him hell personally....but with only 3 days til he's back home, that probably won't happen. Please tell him HI from me...there was a bit of a shitstorm on LDRider regarding him...tell him that he has MUCH love and support in the LD community. The haters lost this particular battle.

BodyBalance said...

Tobie and I send our best wishes to Ken for a speedy recovery. Sounds like he's well on his way.

Hugs to you all!

Teresa said...

Give Ken a gentle hug from me. It sounds like he's making terrific progress. So glad he has some use of a hand. That should make the recovery process far less annoying for all concerned.

Steve said...

Very pleased to read your comment Jerry.

I was "unsubscribed" from that particular list after I made a long and loud post basically telling the haters to "Can it".

It's becoming a List that brings little credit to many who post there.

Meanwhile, Ken and his family continue to get all the best wishes my family can send for a rapid recovery.

-pp said...

If Ken was up and walking about yesterday is he checking the bike out today?
Keep getting better, Ken.