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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Best vacation ever

What a lovely, lovely day. We did indeed sleep in, then had brunch (fantastic corned beef hash!) and perused the dealer room (pondering a gift for my niece’s wedding and a purse for me).

Later, I booked my mom’s flight for our trip to Atlanta at the end of September, worked out (20 min elliptical + some floor work), took a walk along the river and molested a bobtailed cat (who molested me right back), saw an otter on the riverbank OMG best vacation ever, and showered.

Then a bunch of us went out to dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack (where we saw an otter swimming in the middle of the river). After a session of tire-kicking, we’ve repaired to our groovy 70s suite (I took some photos today) for wine and relaxation. I’ve also hammered through a bunch of personal email.

Plans for tomorrow: the Old Idaho Penitentiary, the Morrison Knudsen Nature Center, lunch at a Basque market, a luau, and more wine. And I really need to hammer through some work email!

I will no doubt also walk along the river again and stalk my otter.  ;-)

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