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Monday, August 29, 2011

Things to Do Before We Fly to Boise Tomorrow: An Ongoing List

Home Stuff
  • receipts into Quicken/pay bills/clean off desk
  • call sisters (oh. crap.)
  • scoop cat litter/clean out fridge/take out trash (Ken, bless him)
  • sort pills and protein shakes
  • laundry: darks, lights, delicates (Ken has started a second darks load)
  • wrap presents/seal boxes
  • copy some Slings and Arrows to iPad?
  • email, email, email
  • change hair appointment
  • call newspaper
  • copy files to laptop
  • shower
  • pack…

  • bootcamp
  • refill water jugs
  • library (Ken, bless him)
  • Post Office (Ken, bless him)
  • cat füd for both cats + pills for Eostre

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