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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hellllooooo Boise!

Welcome to CCR (Curve Cowboy Reunion), our not-quite-annual trip to hang out with other BMW bike riders somewhere where there are awesome roads to ride on. We chose to fly this year, because even though Ken’s back on the bike (we had a glorious ride on Sunday up the coast, through Ojai and Santa Paula, and back home again), his stamina still isn’t up to par, plus I couldn’t take the extra days off. This year, CCR is in Boise. A new city, wooh!

We flew LAX --> Las Vegas --> SLC --> Boise, which was the cheapest way to go. On the first leg I wasn’t able to book us seats together, so when we got to the airport I batted my eyelashes and asked if it were possible, and lo! not only was it possible, but it was possibly in an exit row. Proving it can’t hurt to ask.

Also, in SLC, we split a pesto chicken panini, omnomnom.

A biker friend picked us up at the airport; his wife had driven up with another wife while the husbands road here, so thus a car was available. Our friends Ernie & Pauline, with whom we’re sharing a suite, had arrived about an hour and a half earlier, and ensured there was wine waiting. Well, Pauline had already started on the wine….

Somehow we managed to score this totally groovy 70s-themed suite. The main room has a bar with fridge, sofas, desk, chair and tables, and TV, along with posters of Charlie’s Angels, Farrah, and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. The master bedroom has zebra-print bedding and an en suite bathroom. Ernie & Pauline chose this room because although the other bathroom had a Jacuzzi tub, it appeared to them that it didn’t have a toilet.

The toilet is behind the door. And our bathroom has a KISS shower curtain on the Jacuzzi tub! Hah!

Also, our bedroom has a Star Wars poster. They have only Evel Knievel. Hah!

So after some wine and catching up, we wandered out to the welcome reception, which was being held in the garden with its 50 varieties of roses. Ken of course is something of a minor celebrity, so I hung around being bemused as he chatted with people. We did steal away to peek down at the river and smooch under a big willow tree (not a Whomping Willow, thankfully).

After a hot day of travel, it was exquisite to take off my shoes and wander around in the soft, cool, damp grass, smelling the roses and listening to the frogs in the river.

Today is going to be nice and lazy. Ken is giving his IBR talk at 3, and that’s all we’ve got scheduled. I’m going to get a workout in, lounge by the pool, and generally be decadent. I will probably answer a bunch of email, because that’s the way my brain works. There will be food, and more wine, and a ramble along the river.

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