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Friday, April 20, 2012

Oh. Oh, you silly brain.


So I’m putting the finishing touches on a new collection of fantasy stories, Written on the Coast: Thirteen Tales of Magic and Mayhem Written in Lincoln City, Oregon, with a foreword by Dean Wesley Smith, right? The last task I have before sending it to Dean to write his foreword and giving it to Ken for a proofread is to make some tweaks to one of the earliest stories, “Corvus Kidnappus,” which I wrote back in 2003 for the very first Denise Little Workshop.

Meanwhile, the collection also contains “Dyrnwyn’s Fire,” about Vivian and Myrddin and the Thirteen Treasures of Britain during World War II. That story will someday be expanded into a novel.

I just realized that “Corvus Kidnappus,” which is a present-day story (well, set in 2003 specifically), could be part of the same greater story.

It’s not a book. It’s a series spanning as many time periods as I could possibly come up with ancient British magical treasures for.

I also just realized the Council (which is mentioned in "Corvus Kidnappus") is a lot like Torchwood, except with ancient British magical treasures rather than aliens.

Oh. Crap….


Teresa Noelle Roberts said...

It sounds like it would be great, and the research will be fun...and I for one am salivating to read this not-yet-written series...but at the same time, I know what you mean. I'll never have enough time to write all the great ideas that spring into my brain at crazy times.

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Well, Written on the Coast will be available soon, so you'll get to read the two stories to tide you over!