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Friday, September 07, 2007

You are getting sleeeeeepy...

Had a great chiro appt this morning, and my massage therapist should be arriving in less than an hour. However, that vague pain and minor swollen feeling in the back of my throat better the hell not be a sore throat, or heads will roll. [scowls] I don’t have time to be sick!

Busy day. I got four stories back in the mail:

  • ”Dreamseer” to Black Gate
  • ”Queen of Hearts, Hand of Fate” to Clarkesworld
  • ”Testing the Waters” to Cemetery Dance
  • ”Proof of Devotion” (which will appear in Fabulous Whitby very soon!) to Best New Paranormal Romance 3.

I also confirmed with two editors that it’s okay to simultaneously submit a story that editor #2 requested after I’d already sent it to editor #1. Editor #1 says it’ll be in one of two anthos; editor #2 says it’s a strong possibility for hers.

I didn’t get my 2K done last night (it was just shy of 1400 words when I called it quits), but I haven’t glued my butt to the writing chair yet. Gack!


Update: Apparently I am coming down with a cold, if this sore throat and general muzziness is to be heeded. Crap. Here I wanted to push and hit 5K each day this weekend, and now I might be sidelined. I got only my minimum 500 words done tonight, and now I’m heading to the bedroom to fall over.

So that’s it. If anyone tells you the life of a writer is glamorous, they’re lying through their teeth.

Either that, or I’m doing something wrong…


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Anonymous said...

Lots of tea and rest my dear. So sorry!

We are also coming down with something here. No time for it either! We're all supposed to go to a wedding today. Dunno if it will happen. Seems we usually only get sick any more when we need to slow down. I DID have a hugely busy day planned. Oh well.

Off to have some echi and tea myself.


Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Thanks, hon! Hope you guys all feel better soon, too!