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Thursday, September 06, 2007


Welcome to DFW, where I was a mere month and a half ago leaving RWA Nationals. Possibly the same exact gate. Weird. I’m early, since Ken has to get a new rear tire on the bike before he continues on (and his trip includes a detour to Louisiana for a back rest for the bike; the only shop that does it hasn’t been able to get their hands on a 2007 model of his bike, so he’s their guinea pig in exchange for a discount).

There are no plugs in this airport, but there is a charging station where I can plug my laptop in for $6.95/hour. I think not. They don’t have free wireless here, either. Poopyheads.

So unless/until I run out of power, my goal is to get a few thousand words done on High Spirits today, before I get home tonight.

On Sunday we swung into Little Rock to see Little Rock Central High School, where the famous desegregation of schools occurred, before heading down to Hot Springs. We spent a few days with Ken’s grandmother, and his aunt came by for most of that time as well. On our way out, we stopped by the museum dedicated to the heyday of the hot spring spas and baths; next time, we swear we’re going to have a soak in the last remaining historic bath. There are some utterly gorgeous Victorian and Craftsman homes in the area, too… Then we wandered through Texas to Ken’s brother’s house, where I fell all over myself because of Dennis’ three kittens.

It’s been a good, full, fun vacation, but it’s going to be good to be home, too.


There. Over 2K, which is more than I’ve written in one sitting in longer than I care to think about. Now all I have to do is keep that momentum up (kicking it up a few notches) for the rest of the month….

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So, on a recent flight home (maybe from Oregon in May? Not sure.), the flight attendant on the Oxnard flight told me about a recent night flight where the plane couldn't land and had to go back to LAX and everyone had to be shuttled to Oxnard.

You know where this is going. Except for the shuttle part. Oh noooo, they wouldn't do that for us. It was either pay for a hotel at our own expense and take a morning flight, or we were on our own. Well, I looked at my fellow passengers (with whom I'd been chatting on the plane) and said "Who's going in with me on a rental car?" Three other passengers signed up, and one guy used his Hertz platinum card, and we all chipped in, and I was home just before midnight.

But after the Virginia kerfluffle, this is clearly a sign that I should refrain from flying for a while…


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malvoisine said...

Glad you are home safe, sounds like it was a fun trip though (except for the spelunking - I don't do caves - tons of rock waiting to fall on my head - uh uh). Hope we get to see you soon, looking like GWW!

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

We'll definitely be at GWW! Are you guys really gonna make it, huh, huh?

malvoisine said...

Weeeeeeeelllllll, as I said, I refuse to make concrete plans anymore. As far as I will go is - we are discussing it, setting aside money for it and he will hopefully have the time off - that's the best I can do, unfortunately!