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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Whether I want to or not

Over the last two days I have worked on the collab novella, brainstormed two ideas for an upcoming story, and begun fleshing out an outline for Teresa’s and my RWA 2008 workshop proposal.

I have also been struck with a brilliant idea for another novel, which I do not need right now. I can’t schedule it in until sometime next year. Argh! But it’s totally cool! And has, of all things, vampires in it!


All of this when the last thing I’ve wanted to do is actually write. Stubbornness and professionalism actually do prevail on occasion.

Today I’ve also taken a bath because my back hurt, made a tasty but lowfat chicken tetrazzini, gone to the Shire meeting, and curled up to watch TV with my beloved. E-mail…feh, let’s not talk about that.



Currently Reading: deciding on the next book (damn, but Robert B. Parker writes fast reads!)
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malvoisine said...

Serendipity can be a bitch. I'd been plugging away on a novel set in Roman Britain, but set it to the side. Not an era I was sure I wanted to spend a lot of time researching. Was in the library the other day and accidentally pulled off the shelf the perfect book on Roman Britain - maps, city plans - the works. So now I feel I must go back to it (grin). Hang in there. Writers write. It's that simple. Sometimes whether you want to or not....

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Yup. Writers write. It's damned nice when the Muse is there, but she's unreliable and you can't count on her.

If you have specific question on Roman Britain, a good friend of mine won Pentathlon with her Romano-British research and A&S (embroidery, food, hilarious paper on toothpaste, etc.). She's...frighteningly amazing, and one of the nicest people I know.

Go you! Can't wait to read some of your stuff!