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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Book signing! January 19

I will be talking about A Little Night Music and doing a signing at my local Barnes & Noble on Saturday, January 19. I hope some of you can join me!

This is part of a "Meet the Writers" Local Author Day, and I'm one of six authors who'll be participating, so it should be a fun and interesting two hours!

Here's all the info:

WHAT: Discussion and booksigning with six area authors.

WHEN: Saturday, January 19, 1-3 p.m.

WHERE: Barnes & Noble, 4820 Telephone Road, Ventura, CA 93003, 805-339-0990
Take the 101 to the Telephone exit in Ventura, turn right, and take the first right into the shopping center and you'll practically run in to the store

LIST OF AUTHORS: Anne Carter, Sarah Dale (that's me!), Mary Embree, Catherine Anne Jones, Michael Mehas, and Diana M. Raab.

BONUS: I will be doing a drawing and giving away prizes! That's right--if you attend, you might get some free stuff!

P.S. I'd love suggestions for what I should talk about... Please, send them along! Also, if you have any questions, please pop me a note.


malvoisine said...

Good luck, I hope that goes well (you should wear your wristband for luck, snort). Eventually, I *will* be at one of these things.....

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Hee! I hadn't thought of that!

"Eventually, I *will* be at one of these things....."

Or you could talk to your local bookstore about me having a signing there! :-)

Debbie Mumford said...

Congrats on the signing!

BTW...You've been tagged!

Check here for details:

angell said...

Congrats on the signing...but there's no way I can make it to CA even hitchiking - does Ken want to make his way up and pick me up on the bike? *grin*

But there would be no guarantee I'd come back home...lol.

Yes, defiantely wear the cuff...hehe.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to have missed your autograph session. I do have one question though...

Do you sign body parts?

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Uh, Anonymous, you didn't miss it. It's January 19.

Whether I sign body parts depends on who you are and how well I know you! And for this signing, since I'm part of a group of authors and not all are romance authors, nowhere naughty.