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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Enough with the phaffing. Let's demolish something!

In the end, I did no writing yesterday. I made brief notes on everything I remembered writing on Monday, and then I had my massage, and then we ate dinner, and then I phaffed about, and then I decided that I needed chocolate, wine, and Alias. Which ended the evening.

I’ve been phaffing about for a good portion of today, too, alas, although in mostly productive ways. I was in the mood for some demolition…. We took down old hardware over the kitchen windows in anticipation of the new curtains I’ll finish sewing tonight and the hardware to fit them (previous hardware included hideous roll-up shades that didn’t work—once they were pulled down, they wouldn’t snap back up, and did I mention they were butt-ugly?), and we sanded and filled in the holes and will slap some paint on. I’ve also been to the chiro and the Post Office and convinced Ken to take me out to lunch because I needed a big salad.

Meanwhile, I got a call last night from someone I hadn’t talked to in years (she and her husband used to live in Darach, but while we were in Wales, they moved to Vegas, and I think we saw them once right after we moved back), asking if her husband could stay with us tonight. Well sure, no problem, except of course the kitchen is a disaster area. But then he just called and said he was on his way and was taking us out to dinner, which will help. But we will have a guest tonight, which will make it harder for me to work. Bde.

Oh, and the kitchen? We may not have the right color paint. Crap in a bucket.

I went over to sew at Morgana’s tonight, and I finished our kitchen curtains, but of course now that project is on hold until we repaint the top of the window frame, and I also mended a dress. Next week, we’re making messenger bags to use at SCA wars! We saw some at GWW but they were a mite pricey, especially with that “But we can make them” factor. The question was, would we? Then we cleaned the sewing room and I found the perfect fabric, and Morgana has fabric for one as well, so that’s next on the list.

Yes, I have sewing/craft lists, too.

So now I’m in bed with the Laptop Laidback and Afalwen, because the guest room is right next to my writing office and we have a sleeping guest. Time to get more done on that dratted wordcount!


Frak. I don’t remember how I ended this scene before. (So I typed that into the ms, and will move on now. But still. Frak.) Plus I don’t want to rewrite the stuff I wrote before. I want to write new stuff! ::whines::


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